Blue Light Glasses: Are They Worth It?

Asking yourself if blue light glasses are really worth it?

We’re hearing more and more about it, but we may have the impression that we are not really concerned. And yet, for several years now, screens spreading blue light around have invaded our daily lives!

Are you a gamer? A student? Do you work on a computer?

Depending on your situation, we’re going to explain in detail whether or not you should wear blue light blocking glasses!

blue light glasses worth it

Gaming: Are blue light glasses worth it?

Do you spend several hours a day playing video games? 🎮
Do you often play in the evening or even at night?

👉 In that case, yes, blue light glasses are worth it!

During all those hours spent in front of your screen, be it your computer, TV or even your smartphone, you are constantly exposed to blue light. And this blue light can have real consequences on your vision, especially in the long term:

  • It can cause an early onset of cataract (i.e. an aging of the lens).
  • It can cause age-related macular degeneration (i.e. deterioration of the retina).

For gaming, it is recommended not to settle for classic blue light blocking glasses but instead to choose tinted glasses. Unlike the basic models, which filter about 40% of the blue light:

The blue light gaming glasses filter up to 95% of the blue light !

✅ With twice as much filtration, your eyes and yourself are much better protected! In addition to reducing the harmful effects on your retina and lens, this very good filtration can also help you sleep better once your gaming session is over.

Remember that blue light also prevents your body from producing melatonin, the sleep hormone. If you’re used to playing until late, your sleep can therefore be disturbed!

blue light glasses worth it gaming

Office: Are blue light glasses worth it?

Do you work in an office all day? 🖥️
Are you constantly in front of a computer screen because of your job?

👉 In that case, yes, the blue light glasses are worth it!

Your computer screen is continuously spreading a blue light, so you are particularly exposed as you look at it and stare at it for many hours. Experts agree that an adult should not be in front of screens for more than 5 hours a day (all screens, from computer to TV to smartphone).

When you work in front of a computer, you go well beyond the recommended 5 hours a day!

So at the office, it is recommended that you don’t hesitate to wear blue light blocking glasses. Ideally, glasses with tinted lenses would be perfect, but it’s perfectly understandable that wearing glasses with yellow or orange lenses wouldn’t give you a very professional look!

✅ So you can totally choose classic blue light glasses: with their filtration going up to 40%, they will be quite sufficient to protect your eyes.

But to avoid eyestrain during the day, don't forget to do the 20/20/20 method:

  • every 20 minutes
  • look 20 feet away
  • for 20 seconds

blue light glasses worth it eyestrain 20/20/20 method

It'll give your eyes a little rest, including reactivating a normal blinking process. When you stare at a screen, you blink less, your pupils are less hydrated, and it also contributes to a feeling of visual fatigue.

blue glasses worth it office

Students: Are blue light glasses worth it?

Do you type your lessons directly on your laptop? 💻
Do you spend a lot of time studying for your exams on your computer?

👉 In that case, yes, blue light glasses can be worth it!

Just like people working in front of a computer, you are exposed to blue light. But unlike them, you don't spend all your time in front of a computer either, and your eyes get a chance to rest once in a while.

That's why blue light blocking glasses are not essential for you, but rather recommended!

As mentioned just before, blue light and staring at a screen are the 2 phenomena that cause eyestrain (and sometimes headaches at the end of the day). But as a student, your attention isn’t constantly absorbed by the computer screen and thus the dangers are less important.

The same goes for the health of your retina or pupil future and the possible dangers: spending a few hours a day on your computer for lessons is not going to put you at risk! However, don't forget that blue light is still very present in your life, especially when you’re using your smartphone.

✅ So you can totally benefit from wearing blue light glasses, whether during classes or even at the end of the day, when you're chilling in front of Netflix or checking out Instagram!

blue light glasses worth it students

Conclusion: Are blue light glasses worth it?

They are totally worth it! 👍

Although things are beginning to change, the tendency to underestimate the dangers of overexposure to blue light is still too present. Because of the many screens we look at every day (computer, tablet, smartphone, TV...), we are assailed by this blue light that can very much affect our health.

So, to reduce the risks for the retina, to avoid too much eyestrain at the end of the day and to sleep better, blue light blocking glasses are clearly worth it, whether you’re a student, a worker or even a gamer!