What are the benefits of Blue Light Glasses ?!

When we hear that blue light glasses are useful and effective, it's not a lie!

Indeed, they have many advantages, especially in terms of protecting our health, but also to feel better every day.

But what exactly are the benefits of blue light glasses?

Eyes, headaches, sleep, risks... let us explain in detail everything you need to know!

blue light glasses benefits

1. A real soothing effect on the eyes

It won't come as a surprise to anyone: we spend more and more time in front of screens!

Many recent studies have shown that the time spent in front of computers, smartphones and TV has gone from 9 hours a few years ago to almost 12 hours today!

And this is not without consequences for our eyes:

👉 Blue light is the most energetic of those that make up the light spectrum.
👉 It’s projected in all its power into our eyes.
👉 As a result, we are more and more complaining about visual fatigue at the end of the day!

This eye strain comes in different forms:

❌ Dry eyes
❌ Watery eyes
❌ Blurred vision

Blue light glasses help to fight against this phenomenon thanks to the filtering power of their lenses. As they block up to 40% of blue light, the quantity received by our eyes throughout the day is much less!

Thanks to blue light glasses, the eyes are soothed!

✅ No more visual fatigue
✅ No more eyestrain
✅ No more dry or watery eyes
✅ Better concentration during the day

2. A way to reduce headaches

The consequences of blue light on our health are not limited to visual disorders.

Who hasn't suffered from headaches at the end of the day after spending too much time in front of a computer?

Blue light can be blamed for these headaches because, once the eye receives it in full strength, it manages to make its way from the retina to the optic nerve. And once in the optic nerve, itss able to intensify the pain already present.

❌ Blue light triggers headaches more easily.
❌ Blue light also makes these headaches more intense!

blue light glasses benefits headaches

Blue light glasses are an excellent solution to fight against these headaches!

As with visual fatigue, the fact that they block up to 40% of blue light is enough to feel a real difference. Even if you spend your whole day in front of a computer screen, you won't have a headache when you get home or your headaches will be much more bearable!

With blue light glasses:

✅ Headaches are reduced.
✅ You can enjoy your evenings!

3. Help for more restful nights

Do you feel like you can never sleep well? The blue light is guilty!

When emitted by the sun, blue light has a real physiological role. It regulates our circadian cycles (waking and sleeping phases), in particular via the production of melatonin, the sleep hormone.

👉 At the end of the day, the blue light decreases.
👉 Our brain understands that it’s almost time to sleep.
👉 It then activates the secretion of melatonin.
👉 We feel tired and end up falling asleep.

Today's problem is that we multiply the sources of blue light and the brain no longer understands anything!

We expose ourselves to the blue light of smartphones before sleeping.
Our brain is disturbed and believes that it is still daylight.
❌ It does not require the production of melatonin.
We then have difficulty falling asleep and our nights are not restful.

This is again a consequence that can easily be avoided by wearing blue light glasses!

By filtering some of this blue light, it allows the brain to return to normal functioning.

✅ You fall asleep more quickly.
✅ The risk of insomnia is reduced.
✅ Nights are more restful, with better quality sleep.
✅ You feel good, more energetic!

blue light glasses benefits sleep

4. Effective protection against the risks of blue light

Blue light doesn't just cause problems in the short term, it also causes problems in the long term!

More and more scientists are agreeing on the risks of overexposure to blue light, especially from a very young age.

Because of their high energy, blue light waves are quite dangerous for the eye, and the scientific community fears that in a few years, a few pathologies will be more frequent than before. And we are talking here mainly about :

❌ Deterioration of the retina (with age-related macular degeneration - AMD).
❌ Premature aging of the lens (with appearance of cataract).

Blue light glasses then serve as a shield to provide effective protection against all these risks!

By filtering the blue light and preventing it from reaching your eyes, they can delay or even avoid all this. You should even know that there are 2 types of blue light glasses, those with tinted lenses being even more protective!

With up to 40% filtration, blue light glasses are protective if you are working in front of a computer.

With up to 90% filtration, blue light gaming glassing are perfect for reducing risk if you spend many hours in front of screens, including at night!

blue light glasses benefits eye risks

5. A touch of style

It's an benefit you might not have thought of, but you have to recognize it:

Blue light glasses can bring you style!

Just like with eyeglasses, you are free to choose the frame that goes with your blue light blocking lenses, so why not take advantage of this opportunity to make these glasses your new accessory?

Female and male frames are available.
Different shapes are available
(square, rectangular, hexagonal, half-circle...).
Colors are varied and it’s even possible to choose a pattern!

You can also treat yourself by choosing a discreet frame for work, for exemple, and another one that matches your style and personality for your private life!

Unless you choose gaming glasses, you should also know that people will never notice that you’re wearing blue light glasses. As the lenses are transparent (with just a slight blue sheen), people will simply believe that you are now wearing eyeglasses!

And all the people who wear eyeglasses make sure that these glasses make them stand out and give them more style!

blue light glasses benefits style

Conclusion: What are the benfits of blue light glasses?

Blue light glasses have many benefits! 👍

They allow you to :

✅ reduce visual fatigue
✅ prevent regular headaches
✅ avoid sleep disturbances
✅ fight eye hazards

And as they’re available in many different frames, it's impossible not to consider them as a real fashion accessory, to give yourself a real style!