TOP 10: The Best Blue Light Filter App

Do your eyes hurt from staring at your screen?
Do you have trouble falling asleep at night?

You are not alone!
And the main responsible is the blue light coming from our devices. 📱

Laptop, smartphone, TV... this blue light reaches deeper into our eyes and can cause damages to the retina and affect our health. The best solution ? Try and reduce the blue light they emit.

And for that, we're lucky because several apps have already been developped. So let's review the 10 best blue light filter app for you to know which one to choose!

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1. Twilight

One of the first app to be designed! And with more than 375,000 positive reviews on Google Play Store, you can download it without fear: Twilight is one of the best solutions to get rid of the blue light emitted by your phone. One of its most appreciated features is that it automatically adjusts the brightness of your screen according to the time of day, which iPhone owners already know thanks to Night Shift. It's definitely a good choice for your Android smartphone as this application contains no ads or integrated purchases!

👉 Where to download it : Google Play Store

blue light filter app twilight

2. Iris

As a cross-platform application, Iris can be downloaded to your computer (Windows, Mac or even Linux) and to your smartphone (Android or iOS) as well. This versatility clearly works in its favor, especially since in addition to detecting the time to adjust the screen color, it also offers a variety of customizable options such as color temperature or brightness. Iris is unfortunately not a free app and after the 7-day trial, you will have to pay up to $15 to take full advantage of all these options in an unlimited way and on all your devices at the same time.

👉 Where to download it :

blue light filter app iris

3. Blueligh Filter for Eye Care

With nearly 350,000 positive reviews on Google Play Store and a rating of almost 4.5 / 5, here is another blue light filter app that we totally recommend! Bluelight Filter for Eye Care is also very simple: it doesn't darken your Android screen, but rather lets you choose between different natural colors to limit eye strain. But it also has an auto mode to adjust this color according to the outside luminosity and at the same time, it’s possible to program the start and the end time of this blue light filtering.

👉 Where to download it : Google Play Store

blue light filter app eye care

4. f.lux

Of all the ways to reduce blue light exposure on a computer, f.lux is one of the most popular solutions! Its first asset is that it is a 100% free app! But above all, it has been designed to find your location and thus perfectly adapt the brightness and color of your screen in relation to the day of the year and the precise time of day. No need for programming, it knows when the sun goes down, when your screen needs to adopt warmer colors, and it adapts day by day for a real comfort of use!

👉 Where to download it :

blue light filter app f.lux

5. Redshift

Redshift is another app to use on your laptop to filter blue light. Like f.lux, it automatically takes into account the geographical area where you live to adjust the color temperature of your screen.

Once downloaded, you will quickly realize that colors are different during the day and at night, but the transitions between natural and warmer colors are smooth. Your eyes adapt gradually, you may not realize it, but it helps you sleep more easily afterwards.

👉 Where to download it : Redshift

blue light filter app redshift

6. Blue Light Filter - Night Mode, Night Shift

With such a name, no surprise here: this app is entirely dedicated to blue light filtering. Available on Google Play Store for Android, it's also popular and it’s no wonder since it's very efficient and does its job well. You can find all the standard features, including the ability to adjust the filter intensity to soften the screen light, or an auto-timer that allows you to start and stop the app quickly if needed!

👉 Where to download it : Google Play Store

blue light filter app night mode night shift

7. LightBulb

Designed for Windows, LightBulb is an app that also allows you to gradually change the screen from a cold blue color to a warm yellow color. The transitions are made automatically at sunset and sunrise, but it is also possible to choose to program them manually. The customizations on this application are great, and one of its advantages is that it can be easily and quickly deactivated if you need to find more faithful colors, for example when you want to watch a movie or a TV show.

👉 Where to download it : LightBulb

blue light filter app lightbulb

8. Bluelight Filter - Night Mode

And one more! If applications on Google Play Store don't want to stand out by their name, it's because their features must be understandable at first glance. This Bluelight Filter is less popular than the first two, it's been downloaded less times, but it's just as effective at getting rid of the blue light from your smartphone easily. Very simple to use, it offers 5 different color filters: you can choose between natural, red, brown, dark or yellow tones.

👉 Where to download it : Google Play Store

blue light filter app night mode

9. Night Shift iOS

On the iPhone or iPad, Night Shift is not really a blue light filter app that can be downloaded, it's a feature that is present directly on iOS. However, it works like all the apps presented in this ranking: once programmed (with start time and end time), it gradually toggles the screen temperature to reduce visual fatigue. And it’s also possible to set the warmth of the screen tint and thus opt for a night color more or less present.

👉 How to use it : Support Apple

blue light filter app ios

10. Windows 10 Night Light

Just like the iPhone, be aware that if your computer is using Windows 10, you don't necessarily need to download a blue light filter application. A feature is indeed integrated, it's called Night Light, and it's quite effective on a daily basis. You'll need to go to the settings to adjust it, but once you do, it also switches your screen from natural hues to warm colors after dark. Enough to rest your eyes and allow you to sleep well afterwards!

👉 How to use it : Support Microsoft

blue light filter app windows 10