Blue Light Filter Glasses: Pros & Cons

What to think of blue light filter glasses?

We hear a lot about these glasses that are supposed to be worn when we spend a lot of time in front of screens. But we have the right to wonder if they’re really useful or if they’re just a fad.

So what are the pros and cons of the blue light filter glasses?

We've put together all the most convincing arguments for you to decide by yourself!

blue light filter glasses pros & cons

Blue light filter glasses: the PROS

👉 Effective protection

This is their main role: to protect your eyes from blue light!

Blue light is emitted by screens (computer, smartphone, TV) and interior lighting (with LEDs), and the eyes now receive too much of it. The consequences on health and on the organism are numerous:

Visual fatigue during the day
❌ Headaches at the end of the day
❌ Difficulty falling asleep and disturbed nights
❌ Increased risk of retinal degeneration

Thanks to a filter applied to their lenses, blue light filter glasses are able to block 40% of this harmful light.

This filtration is more than sufficient to restore correct blue light levels and thus eliminate risks and reduce undesirable effects. When you wear blue light filter glasses, you protect both your eyes and your health!

blue light filter glasses pros protection

👉 An improvement in daily well-being

Just wear blue light filter glasses for a few days and you’ll see the difference!

Blue light blocking glasses are so effective that it only takes 48 to 72 hours to feel the positive effects. If your job requires you to spend most of your time in front of a computer, you only need to wear these glasses all day long to notice the difference after 2 or 3 days.

✅ You don't feel eye strain anymore.
✅ Your headaches gradually disappear.
✅ You fall asleep faster.
✅ You sleep better.

Sleeping better also allows you to recover more energy, which makes you feel even better the following days!

Blue light filter glasses are not a miracle cure to improve your well-being, but they do correct some of the things that tend to make your daily life difficult. By wearing them, you can better tolerate those long hours spent in front of a screen!

blue light filter glasses pros

👉 A touch of style

Blue light filter glasses are not only effective and useful: they are also stylish!

The main advantage of blue light blocking glasses is that they provide you with essential protection. But you can also see them as a real stylish accessory. If you're going to wear glasses, they might as well look good and make you look your best.

And you know what's perfect? They’re available in so many different styles and colors to match your look and desires, with frames :

✅ For women or men
✅ Round, square, hexagonal or even semi-circular
✅ Black, gold, silver, colored or with patterns

Our collection here at Œil-Bleu is quite varied, but please note that it only includes blue light filter glasses without correction. It’s possible to find blue light glasses with corrections, but in this case, it’s best to go see your optician.

blue light glasses

Blue light filter glasses : the CONS

👉 A bluish reflection on the lenses

It can be a way to distinguish these glasses from the classic eyeglasses!

Because blue light filter glasses are designed to reflect this blue light, the lenses have a slight bluish sheen. This is not something you notice when you wear them, but rather a detail that others will be able to see.

This is clearly not a big flaw: it is just a reflection, only visible in full light.

  • The lenses are not tinted.
  • They do not appear blue all the time.

But it’s understandable that it can be annoying, especially if you take advantage of these blue light glasses to give you more style!

blue light filter glasses cons blue sheen

👉 An alteration of the colors

The perceived colors are modified... but only on the glasses with blue light filter tint!

There are indeed 2 types of glasses:

  • the glasses with yellow or orange lenses.
  • the glasses with transparent lenses.

Until now, we mostly spoke about the latter, but it’s true that the tinted glasses alter the colors. ❌ And this can be problematic if your work requires precise vision and perfect color distinction, for example.

Except that these tinted glasses are mostly reserved for gamers.

For the office, it’s rather recommended to opt for non-tinted glasses. And on this one, the alteration of colors is almost imperceptible

blue light filter glasses cons alteration colors

👉 Getting into the habit of wearing glasses

It's not always easy when you've never worn any!

Another con of blue light filter glasses is that they force you to get into the habit of wearing glasses. If this is an instinctive reflex for everyone with a visual disorder, it is not for you. It’s necessary to think of putting these glasses on as soon as you settle down in front of the computer.

Wearing glasses is not always pleasant either. For the first few days, wearing them for several hours at a time can be quite disagreeable. But let’s be reassured, it's only a temporary feeling.

✅ The more you’ll wear your glasses, the less you’ll realize that they’re on top of your nose!

blue light filter glasses cons

Conclusion: Pros & cons of blue light filter glasses

👍 The pros of blue light filter glasses far outweigh the cons!

The cons are indeed quite minor and they are simple details that you’ll get used to rather quickly. The blue reflection is quite discreet and the alteration of colors is precisely to protect your eyes!

When you know that overexposure to blue light could lead to retinal problems in a few years, it’s better to protect yourself now. And thanks to blue light filter glasses, this protection is guaranteed. And to be honest, they're also quite pretty!