Blue Light Glasses: Can You Wear Them All Day?

Is your eyesight tired at the end of the day? Do you have trouble falling asleep?

You should consider wearing blue light glasses!

They are in fact designed to filter some of the blue light from the screens, which is responsible for certain health problems, and they are very effective.

But how do they work? And can you wear them all day long? Let's find out!

wearing blue light glasses all day

Why protect yourself against blue light?

Blue light is present in all light sources, from the sun's rays to the bulb of your light fixture!

If we hear more and more about it, it's because with the increase of time spent in front of screens (which are also a light source... and therefore also diffuse blue light), our generation is much more exposed to this light than previous generations. And some of the health problems we experience, especially when it comes to sleep, could be linked to it.

However, blue light, particularly the one emitted by the sun's rays, is not totally negative. It is even essential for the organism as it has non-negligible benefits:

  • It regulates our biological clock.
  • It makes us dynamic and active during the day.
  • Its decline in the evening causes the release of melatonin (the sleep hormone).

With modern habits, however, we are constantly exposed to this blue light. In the digital age, we always alternate during the day between :

👉 the computer screen for work or to watch Netflix
👉 the screen of our smartphones to check social networks
👉 the TV screen to relax at the end of the day

Both professional and hobbies are affected, and it doesn't stop there, since even LEDs are big emitters of blue light! And this daily overexposure negates the benefits of blue light.

Worse, this excessive daily exposure is even harmful to your health!

wear blue light glasses all day why

At too high a dose, blue light can have real consequences:

❌ It causes eye strain.
It can damage the retina and trigger inflammation of the cornea.
It disrupts the sleep cycle and promotes insomnia.

For this reason, it is increasingly recommended to protect yourself against overexposure to blue light. And the most effective accessory is blue light glasses!

What are blue light glasses?

Blue light glasses are used to block the blue light received by the eyes throughout the day!

Instead of a corrective lens, they just have a filter in the lens that allows them to absorb blue light before it reaches the retina of the eye, thus reducing the "amount absorbed" on a daily basis

The goal is of course to switch back to suitable doses of blue light so that there are no more negative health effects!

👉 During the day, they limit eye fatigue.

👉 In the evening, they make it easier to fall asleep.

blue light glasses transparent lens

There are currently 2 types of blue light glasses:

  • Glasses with tinted lenses
  • Glasses with transparent lenses

Blue light glasses with tinted lenses

With glasses ranging from yellow to red, they do not go unnoticed!

If the lenses are tinted on these glasses, it is to block almost all blue light. Therefore, they are very effective, but they also have a few drawbacks, such as altering the perceived colours and reducing visibility in low light. Not to mention the fact that in the office, they are quite hard to take, especially in open spaces!

These are the first blue light glasses that appeared on the market, and they are now mostly recommended for gaming.

Blue light glasses with transparent lenses

This is the latest technology, with lenses that have only a slightly bluish sheen!

If they're less filtering than tinted glasses, it's not necessarily a bad thing. Indeed, let’s remind ourselves that blue light does not only have harmful effects. Therefore, these glasses filter enough to avoid overexposure while allowing us to continue to benefit from its action on our biological cycle.

And with clear lenses, it's way easier to wear them in public!

blue light glasses

When to wear blue light glasses?

Blue light glasses can be worn all day long!

👉 During the day when you work at a computer.
At the end of the day when you spend time in front of the TV and the sun goes down.
👉 Just before you go to bed when you're hanging out on your smartphone.

There are no contraindications, especially when it comes to blue light glasses with transparent lenses. As they have no tint, you can wear them without fear, just like a person who wears eyeglasses!

wearing blue light glasses

As for sunglasses, you can even take advantage of this to make these glasses a real accessory in your look by choosing a stylish, trendy, retro or chic frame.

And it's precisely because we understand the potential of blue light glasses that here at Œil-Bleu we offer you a wide choice of frames to suit every moment of your day, from the office to your evening!

✅ You can continue to have style in the office while protecting yourself from eye strain.

✅ You can wear a nice pair of glasses at home to get a good night's sleep without fear of being made fun of!

Conclusion: Can you wear blue light glasses all day?

The answer is yes!

Blue light glasses have no contraindications: they can be worn all day long. But be sure to choose transparent lenses, which do not have any tint on them, like the ones we offer in our shop.

Just like sunglasses or eyeglasses, you can also choose a trendy model to wear them as a stylish accessory!