Does Conor McGregor wear glasses for style?

Conor Mcgregor, the controversial MMA and UFC star, is not only known for his fighting skills in the octagon. He is also one of the most stylish sportsmen on the planet!

So what makes all the difference in Conor Mcgregor's look?

At Oeil-Bleu®, we have our own idea...

conor mcgregor walk gif
Conor McGregor's pairs of glasses

The UFC star is always on top. And always in the detail!

The pair of socks to match the tie, always a nice buttonhole on the suit jacket, and a nice pair of clear glasses!

conor mcgregor style

In this photo, the Dublin athlete wears a rather sober pair of glasses with rectangular frames giving him a sober and classy look.

But it's not always the same song!

Conor has already revealed himself with much more extravagant pairs of glasses!

conor mcgregor flap glasses

The pair of glasses with flap, it's a choice to be assumed! But we love it. These glasses are in our Oeil-Bleu® sunglasses style.

But the worst (or the best?) is this famous Vintage pair that has spoken so much!

glasses style conor mcgregor

While we might have thought that the UFC Star had made a fashion faux pas with regard to the various mockery he incurred on social networks, it turns out that this pair of vintage glasses with a 70s look is rather popular with the public. Even sought after at all costs!

But then, there's still an existential question to be answered.

mcgregor glasses gif

No, not that one. This one:

Does Conor Mcgregor wear glasses just for style?

The answer is yes!

One of the things he would have been asked by Gentside magazine and would have said:

"I don't need glasses, I just like the way they look on my face. Even though they're tilted at me because of my broken nose and cauliflower ears, I still feel like a good-looking guy."

If you too wish to wear glasses because they make your face look more beautiful or give you a pleasant style, you can do so with Oeil-Bleu® glasses.

blue light glasses

The Blue-Eye pairs, in addition to giving you a style, will protect your eyes from the screens against blue light. Isn't that nice?