Do Blue Light Glasses Change Screen Color?

If the blue light is filtered, do they change the colors we see?

It's an interesting question to ask about blue light glasses. We’re being advised to wear them in front of screens, but if they change the perceived colors, it can be annoying. Whether you work in front of a computer or watch a movie!

So, do blue light glasses change the colors of the screens?

The answer actually depends on the model of glasses you wear! We’re going to explain this to you in detail, and at the same time advise you on which model to choose.

blue light glasses change color screen

Colors with transparent blue light glasses

👉 There are 2 types of blue light glasses, and the first one has transparent lenses.

When you look at these glasses, they don't differ much from conventional eyeglasses. The only difference you'll notice is that the lenses have a slight bluish sheen when you put them in front of the light.

That's because these lenses simply received an anti-blue light treatment during the manufacturing process, nothing more. It's like a very light filter, almost invisible to the naked eye.

And as the lenses remain transparent, the sight is not changed.

Blue light glasses with transparent lenses do not change the colors of the screens!

These are the latest generation of blue light glasses, and they were invented to offer discreet protection against this blue light. Since the lenses are not tinted and the colors are not altered, they can be worn at any time:

✅ At work, in front of the computer.
✅ In the middle of the day, with the smartphone.
✅ While driving.
✅ In the evening, in front of a movie or TV show.


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Colors with blue light tinted glasses

👉 The second type of blue light glasses is the one with tinted lenses.

These glasses are very easy to recognize thanks to their amber, yellow, orange and sometimes even red lenses! Just like trendy sunglasses, the lenses are colored. And this coloration was not chosen randomly!

Warm colors are indeed those that are able to block blue light the most effectively, and that’s why they were chosen for these glasses.

As the lenses are tinted, there’s no surprise here, the vision we have of the things around us is modified: the colors are warmer.

Blue light glasses with tinted lenses change the colors of the screens!

However, this is totally not a bad thing because it’s important to remember that overexposure to blue light is quite harmful to our health, to our eyes as well as to our sleep. These glasses are therefore recommended:

✅ When you spend several hours at a time in front of a screen.
✅ When you are in front of screens before going to bed.

tinted blue light glasses screen color

Which blue light glasses to choose?

Ideally, you should have both models of blue light glasses!

Each type of blue light glasses has its use, especially as the protection they provide is not the same:

  • Transparent lenses filter up to 40% of blue light.
  • Tinted lenses filter out up to 90% of blue light.

Glasses with transparent lenses

👉 These are the recommended glasses for the day!

With their transparent lenses, they have the advantage of being discreet. No one will give you any strange reflections at the office or in class if you start wearing these glasses overnight. Especially as they can be very stylish with their different frames and colors!

It’s also important to remember that natural blue light is not totally harmful, and it’s important that your eyes continue to receive it.

✅ It participates in the circadian rhythm (alternation between wakefulness and sleep).
✅ It helps being more concentrated.
✅ It contributes to mood and energy.

blue light glasses screen color

Glasses with tinted lenses

👉 These are the recommended glasses for the night!

With their tinted lenses, they are much more protective, and this is beneficial once the sun goes down. Blue light tends to make our brain think it's still daylight, and so it doesn't produce melatonin, the sleep hormone.

Whether you spend several hours playing video games at night or have gotten into the habit of spending time on your smartphone before going to bed, wearing tinted blue light glasses can help.

✅ They promote faster sleep.
✅ They reduce the risk of insomnia.
✅ They improve the quality of your sleep.

amber blue light glasses screen color

Conclusion: Do blue light glasses change the colors of the screens?

👉 It depends which ones!

Blue light glasses with tinted lenses (amber, yellow, orange, red, etc.) alter the colors perceived on a screen. These colors appear warmer, but it allows better protection against blue light.

On the other hand, blue light glasses with transparent lenses do not change the colors of the screens. They filter less blue light, but they are way more discreet, especially during the day!