Does Blue Light Filter Save Battery?

In addition to protecting our eyes, can it protect our batteries too?

A blue light filter has the ability to modify the colors and light of our screens. And precisely, if the screen is less bright, does the battery last longer?

As we all lived these moments when our battery gives up a little too quickly at the end of the day, we bring you the answer to this question right away!

blue light filter save battery

What is a blue light filter?

A blue light filter is a way of partially absorbing the blue light emitted by the screen of our computers or smartphones.

Even if this light is not totally harmful to the body, it is always good to remember that with the omnipresence of screens in our daily lives, our eyes receive far more blue light than before and the effects on our health are real:

❌ Visual fatigue is much more prevalent at the end of the day.
❌ Headaches are not uncommon.
❌ Difficulty to fall asleep and insomnia are increasing.
❌ There is also a risk of long-term damage to the retina.

Therefore, a blue light filter reduces the amount of blue light received by the eyes. And two types of filters exist:

  • Filters in the form of a protective film to be applied directly on the screen.
  • Filters in the form of an application to download to the computer or the smartphone.

👉 Blue light filter film

These are protective films that also have a filter to block blue light. Once placed on the computer or smartphone screen, the blue light is constantly filtered out up to 80%.

👉 Blue light filter app

These are apps that you can download directly to your computer or smartphone. They take care of changing the colors of your screen (to make them take orange tones) when necessary so that you are less exposed to blue light, especially at the end of the day and at night.

blue light filter save battery how

Is the blue light filter useful and effective?

The usefulness and efficiency of a blue light filter cannot be questioned.

Just like blue light glasses, they are recommended if you’re used to spending a lot of time in front of your computer screen (at work, for example) or if you’re used to hanging out on your phone at the end of the day.

👉 If you need a consistent solution, blue light filter film is recommended!

In addition to protecting you effectively (80% of blue light is filtered) and without interruption, it also has other advantages:

  • On the computer, it acts as a privacy filterUnless you are facing the screen, it appears dark, enough to avoid prying eyes!
  • On smartphones, it acts as a protective film too. It protects your screen from scratches and in case of a fall!

👉 If you prefer to control the filtration of blue light, we recommend the blue light filter app!

As it is an app that you download, you can control it as you want. You can turn it on and off as needed (especially when it gets dark). These apps also have other advantages:

  • You can program the blue light filtering at specific times.
  • You can adjust the color and intensity of the filtration.
  • You can also manage the brightness of your screen.

Does a blue light filter improve battery life?

On a computer or on a smartphone, the first responsible of battery consumption is not the apps you use. It’s the brightness of the screen!

The larger and the brighter the screen, the shorter the battery life!

You can make a very simple test:

👉 lower the brightness of your smartphone to a minimum for one day,
👉 use your smartphone as you’re used to,
👉 at the end of the day, your battery will have lasted longer!

If it’s mainly a question of brightness, can blue light filters save battery power?

✅ Yes, they can!

blue light filter saves battery

We obviously don’t speak here about the filters in the form of film which can’t control the luminosity of your screens. We’re talking about the filters in the form of apps: these are the ones which can manage all that relates to the light emiting by the screens.

As we have seen, these filters have indeed several functionalities:

They change the screen colors to reduce visual fatigue at the end of the day.
✅ But they also adjust the screen brightness and lower it when necessary, especially to adapt it to a darker environment indoors and at the end of the day.

Thanks to this capacity to adjust the brightness of the screen, that's how blue light filter saves battery!

Conclusion: Does the blue light filter save battery?

✅ Yes, a blue light filter can save battery!

When you download an app to your smartphone or computer, this app not only alters the colors and makes them more orange to protect your eyes. It also changes the brightness of your screen in real time to adapt it to the environment.

And since the brightness of the screen is what consumes the most battery power, this feature saves it during the day!