Does your iPhone have a Blue Light Filter?

Be careful of the blue light before going to sleep!

It has become a habit for almost everyone to spend time on the smartphone before going to bed. But the light emitted has negative consequences: it makes the brain think it's still daylight. ☀️

Then, it’s always difficult to fall asleep! 😴

But as you don't want to miss out on this little moment of relaxation, the best solution is simply to opt for a blue light filter. And does the iPhone have one? We'll explain it to you right away!

iphone blue light filter

Night Shift: the blue light filter on the iPhone

The iPhone does indeed have a blue light filter: it’s called Night Shift!

It’s not an application to download but a feature directly present on the iPhone. It has been available since the 9.3 update of iOS and almost every iPhone now benefits from it.

This feature, which is not specific to the iPhone and is also available on the iPad and iPod touch, automatically adjusts the screen colors to warmer tones. The goal is obviously to :

✅ relieve your eyes.
✅ allow easier and faster falling asleep.

Like many features found on the iPhone, this blue light filter can be adjusted according to your desires and needs.

In particular, it is possible to :

  • Manually set the filter activation times.
  • Automate activation based on sunset and sunrise.
  • Adjust the warmth of the colors displayed.

blue light filter iphone night shift

How does Night Shift work on the iPhone?

To set the blue light filter on your iPhone, here's how to do it:

  1. Open the Setting app.
  2. Scroll down and tap Display & Brightness. It's on the third list of options, just below General and Control Center.
  3. Scroll down a little until you see Night Shift. Tap it.
  4. You'll then be able to control all the options of this feature.

does iphone have blue light filter night shift

👉 Scheduled

When you activate Scheduled, you have the choice between automatic or manual programming.

  • The automatic programming activates Night Shift at sunset and deactivates it at sunrise. You must not have disabled location-based services so that your iPhone can retrieve these hours based on your location.
  • Manual programming allows you to choose the start and end time to more precisely match the time you go to bed and the time you get up, for example.

👉 Manually Enable Until Tomorrow

This option directly activates the blue light filter until the next day, be it the sunrise time or the scheduled end time (depending on what you have chosen).

It’s very handy if you ever feel the need to quickly activate the blue light filter, in case of sudden eyestrain, for example.

👉 Color Temperature

You can finally choose the wamth of the colors displayed. According to this option, your screen will take a slightly yellow or quite orange hue. It all depends on your preferences, but don’t forget :

The warmer the screen is, the better the blue light is filtered!

  1. Night Shift on the Control Center

Once you have set your blue light filter, it’s available in the Control Center and easily manageable.

👉 Firmly press the Brightness control icon.
👉 Tap the Night Shift button to turn it on or off.

blue light filter iphone

Can you find other blue light filter apps on the AppStore?

❌ Unlike the Google Play Store, which is full of rather well-designed applications that filter the blue light emitted by the screen, the choice is almost non-existent on the AppStore!

Apple's protectionism is well known, and it would not be surprising if the company wanted to focus on its own functionality, Night Shift, and not let other applications compete with it.

It must also be said that Night Shift is quite complete and offers the most useful options to customize your blue light filter.

It’s hard to tell what other applications could offer more!

Let us recap that it’s indeed possible to:

✅ Automatically set the blue light filter to activate at sunset and deactivate at sunrise.
✅ Manually adjust the blue light filter to match your habits.
✅ Activate it easily and quickly as soon as you feel the need (eyestrain, headache...).
✅ Adjust the warmth of the screen and find the right compromise between filtering the blue light and keeping colors that are fairly faithful to reality.

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Conclusion : Does iPhone have a blue light filter?

👍 Yes, the iPhone has a blue light filter!

This is a feature directly available on iOS called Night Shift. It’s also possible to fully customize this feature to activate the blue light filter when you need it the most (before going to bed, when it is dark around you…).

No need to search in the AppStore to find another app that will finally do the same job. The choice is almost non-existent, and we might as well entrust the blue light filter of the iPhone!