Blue Light Filter Samsung

Equip yourself with a blue light filter for your Samsung

Since the digital age, there have been three stages:

  1. The first time, where we used our computers and smartphones without worrying about the blue light they emit.
  2. The second time, when we became aware that blue light is harmful, and created blue light protections like glasses.
  3. And finally, today, when it is now possible to protect your best ally, your smartphone, too. So if you have a Samsung, equip it with a blue light filter!

    How do our blue light filters for Samsung work?

    Our blue light filter packs for Samsung phones contain:

    • A blue anti-light plastic film
    • A clean rag
    • A liquid blue light lotion
    • A UV lamp

    Here's how to install it on your Samsung :

    1. You need to clean your screen with a clean cloth.
    2. Place a small amount of the blue anti-light liquid in the center of your screen.
    3. Place the blue anti-light film on your Samsung screen
    4. Pass the UV filter from bottom to top to stick the blue anti-light film to your Samsung.

      Purchase Blue Light Filter for Samsung for Businesses

      If you are a company and you would like to equip your staff with blue light filters for their Samsung phones?

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      This discount is valid on all Blue-Eye filters, including filters for iPhones, Computers and Macs.