Blue Light Glasses

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Our models are pairs of uncorrected anti-blue light glasses. If you need a correction, we advise you to go to your optician. 

Our mission is to empower people to work more comfortably and productively on the screen, so that they can live their best and happiest lives off the screen.

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    This section includes all types of frames:

    1. round frames
    2. square frames
    3. rectangular frames
    4. cat's eye
    5. or even half-circle frames.
    It's up to you to find your favourite!

    Blue light filter

    Our lenses incorporate a material that filters blue light. This allows it to remain both clear and efficient, filtering in particular the highest wavelengths. Overexposure to blue light can lead to symptoms such as eye fatigue, headaches and sleep disturbances.

    Eliminates reflections

    Our high quality anti-reflective (AR) coating eliminates glare.

    Quality blue anti-light glasses frame

    All our frames are made from high quality materials.