Blue Light Glasses: Reviews

The appearance of anti blue light glasses in opticians, eyewear shops and online stores has been a rapid development!

You know it as well as we do, we spend on average between 5 and 7 hours in front of our various screens: Television, computer, mobile phone... So, do we really need to protect ourselves? Is it purely and simply marketing? Or on the contrary, is blue light really harmful?

If you're asking yourself these questions, you've come to the right place!

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Reviews about blue light blocking glasses

Review from Oeil-Bleu CEO: Obviously, this brand was born from a reflection on this subject, and it's not for nothing! The harmful effects of blue light on our retina have been clearly demonstrated, particularly through studies such as the study of the Vision Institute in 2013. 

"I always had pain in my eyes and head after a day in front of my computer screen. That's when I became interested in the causes and discovered that you can protect yourself from blue light. " 

Frank S, CEO and founder of Oeil-Bleu®

You will surely find this opinion unobjective under the circumstances. We now propose you the opinion of the Blue-Eye customers following their purchase of anti blue light glasses. 

Blue light glasses: Our customers reviews