"Sunset" Model <br> Blue Light Glasses
"Sunset" Model <br> Blue Light Glasses
"Sunset" Model <br> Blue Light Glasses
"Sunset" Model <br> Blue Light Glasses

"Sunset" Model
Blue Light Glasses

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Trendy blue light blocking glasses with no yellow tint to protect your eyes from the harmful blue light

It's a real beauty asset!
Our pairs are both trendy eyewear, but they also protect you from the blue light emitted by our ubiquitous screens every day.

The Sunset model is made up of a very attractive hexagonal anti blue light glasses frame.
lunette anti lumiere bleue hexagonale

We offer the perfect compromise

In order not to make it a chore to wear screen glasses, the style of our frames has been worked all the more.

✔️ Your eyes are protected.
✔️ A very worked style and frames to wear your pair of anti blue light glasses everywhere.
✔️ You can wear the glasses from morning to night.
✔️ You can only wear them when you are on screens, as resting glasses.

"What if I buy a pair I don't like ❓"

✅  Our number one goal is your satisfaction. We fully take into consideration that when buying your pairs of Blue-Eye glasses online, it is likely that one of the models purchased will not please you. In this case, no problem, just contact our customer support who will send you a new pair of glasses of your choice free of charge. You can repeat the process as many times as necessary until you are completely satisfied!

"Are the lenses of the glasses tinted❓"

✅  Yes and No! We have a classic collection with pairs of fully transparent lenses for outdoor wear, which is a very important step in our manufacturing requirements. Transparent lenses filter out about 40 to 50% of blue light, which is enough if you watch TV shows, television and use the computer at your workplace.

But we don't forget all the people who need a reinforced solution such as gamers or computer scientists, who can spend hours and hours staring at a computer screen. For this, we have created the Gaming collection with yellow/orange tinted glasses that filter 95% of the blue light.

"Can I wear my blue light glasses outside, to dress up an outfit or to style my face ❓"

✅  This question is related to the previous one, and yes our goal is that our glasses can be worn daily and not necessarily in front of a screen. Nowadays, we are confronted with blue light from morning to night! On our telephones, in front of the TV, at work, during classes, in short! We offer you the possibility to wear glasses and protect yourself all day long as if they were classic glasses, without distinguishing between glasses against blue light.

"Are the models unisex ❓"

✅  Yes, all our models are unisex.

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